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Ultimate Statusbar Icon Pack v3

Magisk Module

Changes Statusbar Icons as per you choose.

  • Consists 3 set of statusbar icons (1,2,3)
  • Consists 10 set of wifi and signal icons
  • WiFi and signal and battery icons that can be changed anytime from developer/display options --->> display cutout (no reboot needed to change those icons)
  • Video Preview : Click Here
  • Changelogs :-
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Dotkiller V5

Magisk/TWRP Flashable

Removes Dots from statusbar and Increases limit of left and right icons.

  • Changes over v4 :-
  • Fixed statusbar height
  • Will kill dots on left and right as well
  • Max notifications on left and right may go between 8-13 depending on rom device DPI etc
  • Optional Step - If u want to change statusbar heights u can change from developer options -->> display cutout
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Statusbar Padding MOD v2

Magisk Module

Removes Dots from statusbar and Increases limit of left and right icons.

  • Merged module of statusbar start end padding and statusbar top padding together in one
  • Added 5 - 5 different padding options for both (previous version had 3)
  • Updated template to mmt-ex
  • Different devices needed different values. So try yourself to find the best one for you, I am using very small and small
  • Tg Post Link Click Here

QS Grid Module

Magisk Module

Changes the QS grid like 3x4, 4x3 etc, whatever you prefer

  • Mainly made for roms with low Customization which don't give this option
  • Too lazy to merge in a single module xD. So download specific module for whatever grid you like.
  • Tested and working perfectly on multiple A10 and A11 aosp, realme ui and miui. For other OEM roms try urself i can't try on all roms
  • Tg Post Link Click Here

More Notification MOD

Magisk Module

A Simple AF module to Increase your Max Statusbar Notifications Icon limit.

  • Default notification limit of aosp is 5. This mod will increase it upto 8-13 depending on space on your statusbar. I am getting till 11 icons
  • Note : This mod is already included in dualstatusbar mods & dotkiller
  • So, If you don't use dotkiller or dsb for some reason this module is for you.
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5G+ Module

Magisk Module

Replaces G/E/2G/3G/4G and LTE with 5G+

  • Tested and working perfectly on A10 and A11 and A12 Aosp based roms.
  • Old mobile icon style and merged icon both works fine !!
  • Screenshot : Click Here
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4G and 4G + Module

Magisk Module

Replaces LTE with 4G/4G+ icon as per your choice.

  • Looks Cool AF.
  • Will work with old style mobile data and new style as well.
  • Flash at your own risk, I'm not responsible for lost data or bricked devices
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Zing Bootanimation Template

Magisk Module

Install preview backup your bootanimations anytime using this terminal mod without any reboot.

  • You can use upto 100 bootanimations
  • Works for all ROMs including MemeUI, OOS and all custom ROMs and all Android Versions that Support Bootanimations.
  • Video Preview -->> Click Here
  • Text Guide -->> Click Here
  • Tg Post Link : Click Here

Volte Icon Mod

Magisk Module

Replaces Volte icon. You can choose between 15 volte icons

  • 15 Different options are present
  • Module size less than 10kb
  • Different module present for different icon. Check Screenshots and flash accordingly
  • Tg Post Link : Click Here

Colored Setting Icon Mod

Magisk Module

Changes your Setting Icon Color. Tested on A10 and A11.

  • Consist of 8 different colors.
  • To change color, reinstall different color module again.
  • Works on all Aosp based roms.
  • Screenshots : Click Here
  • Tg Post Link : Click Here

Notch Hide Mod

Magisk Module

As names says- Will hide your notch.

  • Gives two options for notch hide style -->> rectangle or rounded corner.
  • Check difference between both styles Here
  • Don't use inbuilt notch hide option if you are using this module
  • Tg Post Link : Click Here

6 Way Reboot Menu Styles for MIUI

Magisk Module

Activates and Changes Advanced Reboot Menu for MIUI based roms

  • This will improve overall performance but in exchange for a bit increased power usage and may cause heating.
  • Consists 10 different set of icons from simple to funky, use whatever u like (check screenshots first)
  • Should work for all versions of Miui
  • Tg Post Link : Click Here